United States enforces sanctions on Kremlin-controlled media business and avoids Russia from utilizing specific United States consulting services

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President Joe Biden and G-7 leaders satisfied Sunday with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to go over more actions the United States and its allies are requiring to penalize Russia for its unprovoked profession of Ukraine. The statement likewise consists of brand-new export controls for Russia’s market and visa constraints for roughly 2,600 Russian and Belarusian authorities, along with a preliminary embargo on Gazprombank executives, the majority of whom purchase Russian gas.

” This is currently a failure for Putin, and we are dedicated to honoring the brave war being waged by the Ukrainian individuals and listening to President Zelensky and remaining in the procedure,” a senior administration authorities informed press reporters ahead of the presidency. Fulfilling.

He highlighted that the call was a “disgrace” to Russian President Vladimir Putin which countless individuals had actually compromised their lives to beat fascism throughout The second world war.

The authorities stated: “Putin is embarrassing those sacrifices by spreading out lies and false information about his atrocities in Ukraine.

” Today’s action is a tactical and tactical transfer to get rid of Russia from the international monetary and financial system.

The 3 tv stations under United States sanctions are Channel One, Russia, Russia-1, and NTV Broadcasting Business. Together, they made more than $ 300 billion in marketing earnings from Western nations in 2015 alone, the authorities stated.

” We are not going to assist Putin spread out the lies and deceptiveness you hear every day,” the authorities stated.

In specific, Sunday’s restriction does not consist of U.S. legal services. According to the authorities, the United States has actually chosen to continue to look for “suitable action” however the federal government will continue to examine this “everyday” and is eagerly anticipating seeing what takes place after the preliminary suspension. The authorities stated the UK had actually not enforced such a restriction.

The Authority has actually enforced sanctions on the executives of the required banks and the European Union (EU) has yet to enforce sanctions on Russian executives.

” This is not a total restriction. We will not stop Gazprombank’s possessions or obstruct any deals with Gazprombank. The Gazprombank we are marking is not a safe house. And for that reason we are obstructing some leading company executives.

He stated the choice to limit the export of commercial items to Russia was targeted at weakening the Kremlin’s commercial capacity and military abilities, simply as the authority’s constraints on microchips in the West would restrict Russia’s capability to construct accurate rockets.

In addition to enforcing a trade embargo on Russia’s commercial services, the United States has actually likewise prohibited LLC, a pro-technology business that makes weapons, consisting of rifles utilized by Russian forces in Ukraine. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will no longer permit the export of uranium, plutonium, or other nuclear-related items.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba on Sunday consulted with United States Secretary of State Anthony Blincon to go over extra sanctions versus Russia and the effect of the Ukraine war on international food security.

Kuleba A. Twitter The United States has stated it will enforce “brand-new sanctions” on Russia, and the 2 diplomats “talked about the lifting of Ukraine’s food embargo and methods to guarantee international food security.”

This story has actually been upgraded with more details.

CNN’s Devan Cole and Anastasia Graham Yol added to this report.



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