The World Is Made Up Of Love

The World Is Made Up Of Love

Take a moment and think about love songs which means the world to you. Depending on where you are in your life journey, this question might spur some butterflies in your stomach, or maybe scare you. The song you think may be pegged at a certain time, such as your marriage, or related to feelings for certain people, whether romantic, platonic, or family. How the meaning of a single love song for listeners can be very personal and universal, and that meaning can recede and flow throughout the life of the listener. As we get older, the idea of ​​what is a “love song” can even change.

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I am always interested in the simplest love songs. Growing up, The Beatles is the presence of endless in my home, and when I learned about the shape and color at school, I got education in the 60s of the British invasion of music at home. The Beatles is the master in the song of Love, so if you ask me as a child what my favorite, without hesitation I will answer with one of them.

If you ask me in high school, my answer will be something with more anxiety. In the middle until the end of the 2000s, the love I wanted was never the love I received, so there were many farewell songs that were played in my Volkswagen Silver beetle. You can easily enter the initial dashboard confession track here when I’m sad, or bright eyes “” The first day of my life “when I feel full of hope.

As an adult, after about a decade studying what love as an adult through a good relationship, a bad relationship, and a large number of heartbreaks, my answer to the question of love songs may have changed more times than I can count. It made me think about how artists see a love song, and if it changes over time. As we get older, do love songs have more or less important? Does the generation we were born have something to do with it? To find out, I reached 33 artists and bands, including Aly & AJ, AJ Haynes, Chvrches, Lauren Mayberry, and Niki, who helped Refinery29 made the best Spotify playlist for the pleasure of listening to you.


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