PANGEA recycled jackets make up plastic.


PANGEA is a company on a mission. Not only do you want to clean up the mess, but you also want to use clean rubbish to create it Reused Products. Now you have achieved an important goal of creating eco-jackets using 100% recycled and recycled plastic.

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We have written about it. PNGEA jacket Before, and the company has made great strides since then. An amazing list of successes that will help you clean up the growing product line and some of the world’s waste RiversPNGEA is moving to places.

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The problem is 11 million tons. Trash It ends up in the oceans every year. It is a growing problem that kills 100 million marine animals, destroys coral reefs and contaminates the food chain with toxic chemicals.

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As a result, PANGEA’s approach is to solve the problem at its source: the rivers that carry pollution to the ocean. The company uses five tons of garbage every month to clean up the world’s sewage. So far, ,000 60,000 has been blocked. Ocean.

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They then remove the plastic from the waste to make recyclables. This reduces waste from new ones Plastics And prevents further contamination. PANGEA jackets are now made of 100% recycled plastics, and include a free micro-plastic trap laundry bag to keep water lines clean.

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Each 100 tons of new polyester is used to produce 100 barrels of crude oil and 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide. PANGEA cleanses the environment more than polluting on a mission to create recycled outdoor gear. The goal is clear- Carbon Positive With the growing number of volunteers collecting recyclable plastics from rivers before re-entering the oceans, recycled plastics economy will help the climate in many ways.

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In addition, PNGEA will donate 5% of its sales to build and deploy new river barriers. This makes it the first and only jacket that protects the PNGEA Eco-Jacket Ocean pollution. They are working to reduce ocean pollution by 80 percent.

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The company generated more than $ 750,000 in 10,000 customers. Their website store has grown 10 times in 2021 alone. For each purchased eco jacket, 68 pounds of dirt is pulled from rivers and 68 pounds carbon dioxide They are compensated by the environment.

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“Purchases from PANGEA are not subject to the influence of neutrality EarthSay the founders. “We want to improve.”


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